The Running Algorithm

Automated Personalised Training Plans.

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What is The Running Algorithm?

Here’s the problem: If you want to get fast you need to train, and if you want to train in the best way possible then you need a training plan. A quick search on the web will provide you with countless ‘one size fits all’ training plans, but in reality they don’t fit anyone. At the other end of the spectrum is a running coach, one of the many services they can provide, based of their knowledge and experience, is a personalised training plan suited to your goals and abilities. Writing a plan by hand takes a lot of time and effort for a coach, so it will regularly cost over a hundred pounds – that’s just too much. Our code can create two orders of magnitude more than five tredecillion different training plans – that’s 5 followed by 44 zeros so you can be sure that your plan is fully customised.

All good training plans will follow similar principles, and that’s where we fit in: We ask about your training background and goals, and from that can generate a customised training plan following exactly the same scientific principles that the coaches use, but we can deliver it to your inbox in less than 60 seconds.

About the team

The Running Algorithm was born when one of our founders was trying to reduce the amount of time he spent writing his own training plan. The Coronavirus lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to code the first prototype. Since then, 18 testers have been training using The Running Algorithm and providing us with feedback, with over six hundred more using our FREE plans in their own way.

The rest of the team quickly got together and with their training experience, consultation with top running coaches and programming skill, they’ve turned The Running Algorithm into a fully fledged product available for launch shortly with most features free.

We now have a fully functioning web app, through which you can track your plans, see your runs and get a fully customised plan of any length you please. Click here for more info!

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