Parkrun PB Plan

The plan builder creates a fully customised training plan for you as if it was written by a coach. Fill in the form below and shortly after you’ll receive an email detailing every single run that you should complete. This plan builder is a free trial version of The Running Algorithm, for a full interactive version with more features – click here.

It’s important that you do the sessions as they are prescribed and particularly important that you run the easy runs slow enough that you are adequately recovered between interval sessions. This plan builder is a completely free tool for you to use and creates a plan specifically for you. We don’t believe in generic training plans here at The Running Algorithm. This plan is optimised for Parkrun and is fixed at 6 weeks in length but you can get plans of any length for any distance here!

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20 km
4 times per week
1 is extremely unlikely, and 10 is extremely likely. This will affect how much your weekly volume increases.
The time should reflect your current level of fitness.
This includes time off. How many years have you been running at least once per week for most weeks?
The Running Algorithm is in its early stages right now, and we are continually making exciting improvements based off your feedback.
Email updates every once in a while would allow you to have an even bigger say in our future, and know about our new features as early as possible.

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