The Benefits of Running With Others!

There’s a reason that all the best runners in the world train in groups – it’s the most effective way to train. This benefit is not just for the gods of distance running though, they can be for us too. Here are five reasons why you will benefit from running with others, whether you’re trying to complete your first 10k or trying to break 30 minutes for one.

  • It’s Motivating!

I love running, as I’m sure you do, but there are sometimes occasions where motivation is hard to come by. Whether that’s because it’s cold and dark or because you’re working hard – having someone along side, or slightly ahead, helps get you out the door and round your run.

  • It’s Fun!

Running is a team sport, and nothing is as fun as jokes with your team mates. Whether it’s calling your quick mate slow or having a joke about someone’s dodgy sock choice running with a group is always a laugh.

  • It’s easier

Running with a group often feels easier as there’s someone to chat with and share the pain with – but it’s often literally easier too! Run directly behind your tallest friend into a headwind and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re the tall friend then consider…finding some even taller friends?

  • You’ll get more out of sessions

This one is for the PB chasers – while you shouldn’t run to your absolute limits all the time you will go deeper when in a group. Having people around you will help you squeeze that extra 1% out of training.

  • You make new friends

No friends are as good as the ones you run with. Running with a club is a great opportunity to make new friends and this is the best reason to join one. Having someone to go for a post run coffee, cake or beer with is one of the purest joys in life!

So there you have it! Our top 5 reasons why running in a group is great! Have we missed any? Drop us an email if we have. If you want to share a great custom training plan with your mates then send them over to for custom plans that work on base fitness, plans designed for runners short on time or plans for anything from a 5k to marathon!

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