Is it time to start preparing for a race?

At the moment it’s impossible to say with certainty what restrictions will allow next week, but what about in 16-24 weeks? Well, that’s possibly slightly easier to predict. We can use a number of factors to decide if we want to or should begin preparing for a race. If you’re already decided and you know you want that personal best – CLICK HERE

Firstly, do you want to? It’s the reason we run, train and race. It’s what we like to do – usually. But there’s a lot happening right now in the world and it’s completely normal to want to do different things or not want to do things you normally do. However, if you decide you do want to race then keep reading. 

Are you fit? Having some discomfort or a slight injury is not where you want to start a training block from. You need to be firing on all cylinders and ready to go! Are you? If you’re not, then hold off from starting to train hard, see a physio and focus on that injury. Fast times are run on healthy legs. If you’re ready to race, keep reading! 

How much running have you been doing? There’s no right or wrong answer to how you should or shouldn’t have been training during lockdown. Some people opted to just do lots of easy running, others went full training camp while many also decided to cut back on running or take a break entirely. None of these options mean you can’t race but depending on what you’ve been doing might change the way you want to approach training. 

If you want to race, decided on a lockdown training camp and you’re feeling healthy then you’re ready to go – CLICK HERE. If you’ve cut back on the running then you could start a race specific training plan but to get the most out of yourself we recommend a ‘base builder’ plan first. We have a custom base fitness plan HERE

Whatever you decide to do – train with us by downloading a custom plan! 

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