How TRA works

It’s a question that we get asked quite a lot. How does The Running Algorithm work? How is it possible that my training plan can be so customised and perfect to my needs without a ‘real person’ writing it for me?

Firstly, a real person did write your training plan. He taught the computer how to think like a coach. When you get a custom plan off a coach they might ask you a series of questions, these might be…

  • Your weekly volume
  • Your weekly run frequency
  • How injury prone you are
  • How long you’d like your plan to be
  • What distance you race
  • How old you are
  • Your gender or sex
  • How fast you are
  • How long you’ve been running

The coach will take this information and build a custom plan for you based on a combination of this data and that’s exactly what our code does too. It works – so far of runners that have answered our survey 100% of athletes enjoyed using The Running Algorithm and none of them said they wouldn’t use it again!

Custom training plans from coaches really are a fantastic tool for runners, they give your training the kind of structure that can only be achieved through a custom plan but now you can achieve that structure here too! Our plans are just as personalised and structured the same way, the reason ours are so cheap is purely down to the fact that we have automated the process!

So go! Check out the “Plan Builder” and start seeing improvements in your training today!

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