How to train when you’re pushed for time!

Balancing running with the rest of your life is a cross we all must bear. It can be tough to squeeze in training sometimes so this article will help you be as efficient as possible with the time that you do have. We will stick to efficient training techniques although general time management skills also help such as getting kit out the night before and planning training in advance.

The first thing we’d mention is make sure every run has a goal, say you’re running between 1-3 times per week then you won’t want any of those runs to be wasted. The goal of each run should fit in to your overall training plan, so if your run is a recovery run the goal might be to come home with your legs feeling fresher than when you left, if it’s a tempo run then your goal might be related to your heart rate or if it’s a steady long run then your goal might be to keep your pace in zone 2 for the whole run. Whatever the aim of the run, keep that in mind the whole time you run so you’re able to get the most out of your limited time.

If you only have time for two runs in a given week make one a long run and the other a tempo run. These two types of runs give you the most ‘bang for buck’ when training and provide physiological adaptations that will help you over all distances from 800m to the marathon.

Really focus on each interval. If you only have a limited time then make sure you’re running each interval at the prescribed effort level or pace. Each time you complete an interval as prescribed you bring yourself a little bit closer to that PB.

Finally, keep a big picture view in mind. Never get caught up in missing one session, it’s ok and it happens. Remember what your goal is and how far you’ve come. This will allow you to remain motivated for each run and complete each run as it is prescribed. If you’d like a training plan from The Running Algorithm to help you get the most out of your time, click here.

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