5 Reasons to back The Running Algorithm

1. Be a part of the future of running

We’re here to cause a big stir in the running world, by making personalised and custom tailored training plans affordable and available to all runners. Your donation now is going to help shape the future of running.

2. Supporting a new business

The early stages of a new business development can be tough. 90% of new start-ups fail in the first year. Your donation will help keep our business growing!

3. The free bottle!

Who doesn’t love a freebie. Donate £10 or more and you’ll receive a free sports water bottle with our logo on it to keep you hydrated while you train!

4. Help spread the word

Your donations at this early stage will also enable us to launch advertising campaigns to attract more runners to our community! More users means more feedback, which helps us improve our custom plans to be even better. Everyone wins!

5. Discounted training

All of our early backers will receive exclusive offers and opportunities in the future, including 10% off our paid training plans for life! Currently The Running Algorithm is a free tool but we will be launching paid versions with a host of cool new features to help take your running to the next level soon!

So click here – , scroll down and donate if you want to back a winner, back the future of running then donate and back The Running Algorithm.

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