5 Blister Hacks

Blisters are possibly the most irritating running injury, especially persistent ones that either don’t go away or continuously return. Blisters are something a few of us here at TRA have really struggled with in the past so here’s our top 5 blister hacks to get on top of them!

1 – Keep those feet dry! We know this can be tricky, especially in summer with sweat and also when doing a rainy long run. A few manufacturers make shoes designed to keep your feet dry, we’ve also heard deodorant on the feet 15 minutes before a run as well as talcum powder but do what you can to keep your feet dry! If you have another creative foot drying solution let us know.

2 – Avoid cotton socks! Cotton socks absorb sweat more than wool or synthetic socks, in the vein of tip 1 we would recommend avoiding them if you’re blister prone.

3 – Remove debris from your shoes! Before you head out for your session in the morning tip your shoes upside down and give them a whack. Those little stones that you pick up can rub causing blisters. If you’re out for a run and feel one stop and deal with it, if you leave it to cause a blister you’ll realise that the 30s it would’ve taken to remove was worth it.

4 – Make sure your shoes are on properly! It seems really obvious to say but a well fitting pair of shoes that are done up correctly shouldn’t move around as much causing less rubbing which means less blisters. Buying your shoes from a local running shop is your best bet, they’ll help you with getting a well fitting pair appropriate for your needs.

5 – If all else fails, blister plasters do work! If you already have a blister brands such as Compeed or Physique are favourites of TRA. They provide a very sticky ‘second skin’ which pads out the blister preventing it from getting worse while you carry on running. That said, if you can, you should rest to allow blisters to heal.

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