3 Key Half Marathon Sessions

The Half Marathon is a fantastic distance! It’s perfect for beginners providing a challenging but achievable goal and fantastic for more experienced runners as it’s a really tough distance to fully master. As with any race, the key to getting as much out of it as possible is in the training and making sure you get your pacing right! This short article will talk you through 3 key training sessions which will get you through your next Half!

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So, what training runs would you complete in order to smash your half marathon PB? Keep reading to find out…

  • The Long Run!

The long run is the the best way to improve your endurance. These runs should be completed at a steady pace and have a number of physiological and mental benefits including strengthening the heart, improving your ability to flush waste from tired muscles and boosting your confidence!

  • The Tempo Run!

A tempo run should also be a weekly feature in your training. It should be run at “a pace you could sustain for roughly 1 hour” which may be half marathon pace, 10 mile pace, 10k pace or 5 mile pace depending on your level. The benefit of a tempo run is that it improves your ability to remove lactate from your muscles while moving fast. This allows you to run at a higher speed without getting tired!

  • The Recovery Run!

A recovery run allows you to recover more effectively in between sessions! Recovering well is just as important as training hard and it’s actually when you improve. Recovery runs should be completed at a very easy pace aiming to keep your heart rate in zone 1. If you do not have a heart rate monitor then just make sure your effort is very easy, perhaps a maximum of 4/10 if 1 is sitting down and 10 is maximal.

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